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Listen to the awesome song versions made by Mercedes and fans. The player makes easy to browse without skipping a beat.

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        Uploading your song is easy

        Upload your song as individual vocal and instrument tracks. They become available in your song project. Combine them to play as your first song version. Add more later, make more versions.

        If you don’t have individual tracks, upload your CD-quality song master. The streaming technology enables listeners to customize the loudness of individual performers in real-time during play.

        On Serenader, every stream is mixed in real-time to listeners from your song elements. No one can download your stems, listeners only get a mixed stereo stream to their phones. The technology uses the same data plan and battery power as plain old streaming elsewhere. No storage needed either.

        Let listeners customize your song

        Fans and influencers help in promoting your songs by making viral versions. It's all done safely in the cloud and you decide what can be customized.

        Contribute & collaborate

        Musicians can contribute an instrument track to songs they like. The rules are simple: song creators retain all rights to their songs, musicians keep the rights to their instrument recording.




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        Imagine the future of music on 5G


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        need title and description.

        1. Vocal: all vocal performances like lead and back vocals, harmonies.
        2. Melodic: instrument performances playing a melody.
        3. Chords: instrument performances with rich chords, also rhythmic strumming.
        4. Bass: Low frequency instruments like bass guitar, cello, synth bass.
        5. Beat: Drums and all types of percussions.
        6. Wildcard: everything else that is unclassifiable like noises, ambiances, etc.

        Choose "mix" for a song master or a demo.

        Choose "commentary" for talk.